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Are you completely in love with your friend’s sequined-bodice empire-waisted smart and beautiful cocktail dress? However, is that a too lavish buy for you? Don’t bother much because GroupDress is your best assistance for the time. Why go for the humdrum fashion picks when you could dazzle in a refreshingly new design? Yes, we are talking of getting you dolled up in an edgy, sexy cocktail dress that’s sure to mousetrap some attention when you step into the big hit black-tie event.

Empire-waisted or a high-low ruffle dress – what according to you promises to make a statement? No matter what, GroupDress rewards all beautiful ladies with an extraordinary collection of Under 100 Cocktail Dresses! Our designs are not run-of-the-mill. Each piece is crafted with a leading-edge thought and detailing is executed even more intricately. We have the best-in-class designers appreciating our masterpieces. However, we do try to fit into the budget of all and sundry.

Super skilled designers here at GroupDress have redefined haute couture with an amazing twist. Our cocktail dress masterpieces promise to reward all with a pleasurable transformation that’s chic, beauteous and super-glam. Browse through our fascinating ‘Under 100 Cocktail Dresses’ collection and you’ll know what we are trying to convey.
Here at GroupDress, you are spoilt for choice and we take pleasure in doing so!
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